September 16, 2016
3 years, 4 months and 10 days since
our Reunion.
30th Anniversary Celebrations!
30th Anniversary Celebrations!
Welcome to the official Homepage of APSU Class of 1986

Welcome APSU*86 gentlemen and Thank you for visting our Reunion homepage. 

It seems like only yesterday when we were teens,so young,hopeful and full of dreams.Looking back today, It’s hard to believe,but Thirty(30) years has passed! Time truely flies!! Yes indeed!! when we recall the past,we usually find that it is the simplest things and special moments we shared that in retrospect gives off the greatest glow of happiness.Many Thanks and BIG Respect to our brother D_R Sam(Ray"Boka" Miller) for bringing us all TOGETHER  ONCE AGAIN! APSU*86 FOREVER! APSU FOR LIfE,

Brothers,This year marks our 30th Anniversary since we completed our much cherished secondary school education from this prestistious  institution and oceanfront Home of academic excellence and proud school of ours along the altantic ocean.

It's Time to Reconnect in Person and Have a Blast!!APSU*86 Style!

Please join your good "ol school mates,brethren and friends  to our  30th Anniversary Reunion Celebrations in Cape Coast Ghana!

  • Our class of 86 is planning a Spectacular  and Memorable event to commemorate our Special milestone and occasion.
  • Our Class of 86 would like to extend an invitation to ALL members of APSU’86 Year group to our Special and Historic Event.Brethren,let's join hands to make this a Successful Event!
  • Our Class looks forward to seeing each and every member of our year-group at our first and history making three-day reunion festivities starting  friday September 16,2016!                                                                                                                     
*Some quick"to do"things on our site:


Please visit  the "Register NOW" page to register  to attend.
Use the "Add a profile" button to create your  profile. In your profile, you can upload a "Then Photo" or  an old school photo or (Now) a recent photo of yourself or both. Also, you can post  a message to fellow classmates and much much more!


Please visit the "Events" page to check out our funfilled planned activities. This page will be periodically updated with more information about our upcoming activities as we get confirmation of our plans,dates and activities.
3.  APSU’86 Blog:

Please join our Class blog to share your ideas and also participate in discussions relating to this  spectacular event.Kindly send your New blog topics to (Web/Dep Massa's)for publishing.

4. Social Network:

Please use the links above to share this website with classmates on  social networks.We need as many of  our year-group members to  join us here! The more participants the better!
5. Contact Us:
Please u
se this link to contact our reunion committee members with any questions you may have.

Finally,,don't forget to reserve your spot as early as possible by filling the registration and questionnaire forms.

The deadline for pledges and donations to your respective country representative is on  May 31st 2016.For your conviennance,those who prefer to honor their donations online,please use our very secured platform to do so with a credit card of your choice.(Visa,Mastercard,Amex,Paypal accepted) 

**Please make sure to bookmark this website so you can easily return to to keep posted on with our class, what events are being planned, what your classmates have posted and of course, stay connected.

Thank you very much  for your  support brothers.

Mike Arthur (Polee)

Samuel Hutchful(Blackie)
Deputy Webmaster

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