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Trump - I disagree with Omar 'send her back' chants
The chants, directed at non-white Democratic congresswomen, have been rebuked by some Republicans.

Kyoto Animation fire: Arson attack at Japan anime studio kills 33
Dozens are in hospital, some in a critical condition, after the attack on the Kyoto Animation studio.

Iran seizes 'fuel-smuggling' tanker in Gulf
Iran says the foreign vessel and its 12 crew were smuggling one million litres of fuel.

Florida city blasts Baby Shark song to drive away homeless from waterfront
An advocate for the homeless says using children's song Baby Shark as a deterrent is "inhumane".

Mauna Kea: Hawaii protesters delay giant telescope construction
Officials vow to proceed with the Thirty Meter Telescope despite protests by native Hawaiian elders.

Schumer asks FBI to investigate FaceApp
Senior Democrat Chuck Schumer says the photo app's use of personal data is "deeply troubling".

Conjoined twins: Sisters meet surgeons who separated them
Ritaj and Rital were born joined at the head. They're reunited with the doctors who saved their lives.

Man finds own amputated leg on cigarette packets without consent
The image was used next to the message "smoking clogs your arteries", but the leg was lost after an assault.

Saravana Bhavan 'dosa king' dies after medical plea rejected
P Rajagopal's death comes nine days after the Supreme Court rejected a plea for bail on medical grounds.

Opioid crisis: US drug overdose deaths drop by 5.1%
"America’s united efforts to curb opioid use disorder and addiction are working," a statement reads.

Researchers try to understand naked mole rats' resistance to cancer
With their pinkish, translucent and wrinkly skin, double-saber buck teeth and black-bead eyes, naked mole rats look like characters in a nightmare from hell. In fact, they do live underground in pitch-dark burrows where their air, from a human point of view, can contain chokingly little oxygen, t...

Doctors try new models to push health insurers aside
Just about everyone agrees that the way we pay for primary care needs fixing. Under the current insurance model, doctors get paid for procedures and tests rather than for time spent with patients, which displeases doctors and patients alike and increases costs. Now some medical practices are side...

Medigap supplemental coverage can be too pricey for younger Medicare beneficiaries
One night three years ago, Joe Hobson finished reading a book, went to sleep and woke up blind. The problem, caused by a rare hereditary disease, forced him to give up his 20-year communications job, along with its generous health insurance. Now 63, the Arlington man is covered by Medicare, the f...

Breathless, but not from asthma

Fish and seafood recipe recommendations
Jennifer LaRue Huget offers some suggestions - RSS Channel - App Travel Section

Dominican authorities announce new safety measures to ease tourists' fears
The Dominican Republic's Ministry of Tourism is rolling out new safety measures in an effort to calm the fears of Americans traveling to the Caribbean island, according to the ministry's chief of staff Pablo Espinal.

Celebrating 100 years of Hilton, who changed the hotel game
When the founder of your hotel company is a character on "Batman" and "Mad Men," you've officially crossed over from business to brand.

Best Las Vegas restaurants: Where to go on and off the Strip
Las Vegas is a city for gamblers, yes, and it's a city for revelers too, but it is also a city for people who like to eat and who like to eat well when they travel.

The campaign to rename Oakland Airport after a trailblazing female pilot
There are 19,622 airports in the United States, according to the FAA. And not a single major airport is named for a woman of color.

Hotel near Buckingham Palace serves $200 cup of tea
It's no secret that the British are very serious about their tea.

Sail away: These are the world's most popular cruise destinations
We know it's about the journey -- not just the destination -- on a cruise ship.

Welsh town Harlech claims world's steepest street
The seaside town of Harlech in Wales is now home to the world's steepest street, Guinness World Records has ruled, knocking a New Zealand road off the top spot after more than a decade.

Airport where the runway disappears at high tide
Wild and windswept, the Scottish island of Barra lies in the Outer Hebrides, a far outpost of Britain in the North Atlantic.

Summer in the coolest US state
The long days of summer mean that there's no shortage of time to experience Alaska. And with the coolest average summer temperatures of any US state, it's a great place to escape the heat.

Virtual reality helps Japan's elderly travel the world
Traveling from the canals of Venice to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, a group of elderly people in Japan is seeing the world -- without even leaving their seats.

Best Las Vegas pools to beat the heat
Nothing is more quintessentially Las Vegas than walking up and down Las Vegas Boulevard -- better known as the Strip -- chasing photo ops and blackjack tables.

Instagram's Siberian 'Maldives' is toxic lake
A Russian lake known as the "Siberian Maldives" because of its bright turquoise waters, is a highly toxic artificial pond and anyone swimming in it could be in danger, warns the company whose coal plant uses it to dump ash.

Naomi's Campbell's amazing airplane ritual
As a supermodel with a career spanning across three decades, Naomi Campbell has spent a lot of time on airplanes over the years.

New roller coaster will flip you upside down 9 times
Riders have come to expect being turned upside down a few times on new generations of roller coasters. That's part of the thrill, after all.

Summer travel destinations to stretch the US dollar
As strength of the US dollar continues to worry politicians and market analysts, we see it as an excellent excuse to travel.

Egypt opens Bent Pyramid to tourists
The pyramids of Egypt have long attracted visitors intrigued by their ancient history, and now travelers have the opportunity to visit a distinctive structure just south of Cairo.

There's a reason the pastry in Paris is so darn good
In honor of Bastille Day, we'd like to take a moment to celebrate one of France's greatest contributions to the world -- its pastries.

Over-the-top ways to celebrate Apollo 11's 50th anniversary
From museum exhibitions to outdoor fairs and themed hotel packages, there are literally hundreds of events happening around the United States this month (and throughout 2019) in honor of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

This tiny town sheltered 7,000 people on 9/11
Craggy cliffs and verdant forestry, flat expanses of countryside that merge into choppy cobalt waters -- and you're as likely to spot a moose as you are another person.

UNESCO names 29 new World Heritage sites for 2019
From the ruins of ancient Babylon in Iraq to the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright to the Prosecco region of northeast Italy, UNESCO's World Heritage Committee added 29 new cultural and natural sites to its World Heritage List at its annual meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan.