A moment of silence for our departed brothers. 

*Christopher Mensah * Joe Pacheco.(Partrick's.H)

*Frazier Sackey Mensah *Riotee.(Glynn.H)

*Edward Abaka * Ras Tito(Patrick's.H)

*Spencer Sydney Casley-Harford(Stephen's.H)

*Mr. Emmanuel Plas Otwe***(Coach)

May They Rest in Eternal Peace!

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Brother Emmanuel Cudjoe (JEWO)

1967 - March 25th, 2016

Reactions from APSU*86 Site members on
March 27th 2016
Good morning brethren.
[5:14AM, 3/27/2016] Blackyy: Unfortunately our Mate Emmanuel Cudjoe (Jewo) passed on Good Friday at the Korle-Bu Hospital. My Sympathies to 86' Year Group.
Bernard Williams - Joe Wassa…….

Good morning brethren.

In October, 1986 a group of young men numbering 8, which affectionately became known as the ' the faithful 8' were admitted to sixth form at Aggrey Memorial Zion School and one of them was our brother, Jewo.
He read Maths, Physics and Geography. Although we were in different houses, there was a good rapport and cooperation among us. Jewo was neat, humble and  decent and wore  a powerful punk which marched that of Bytm in those days.

Oh, my punk brother, RIP..Joe Wassa.

Edward Sam..

Charley flooded with memories...each and every one of us played a significant role in our days in school, "we" are more than a family on this journey.....memories lives on!!

"Jewo", My Apsu 86 Mate and friend....little did we know you will go so soon, our group chain is broken, it broke our hearts to lose you. You did not go alone but part of us went with you, but as God calls us one by one the chain will link again. Sleep peacefully in the bossom of the Lord!!....????????????

Eric Armah( Lao)…..

We are all heartbroken since we heard of our brother's death. Death is really real and now we should all know it will definitely come. It's like when we were expecting to sit our common entrance exams, it surely came, same with GCE O and A. Some tertiary ans some into other areas, it happened. Marriages, jobs, children,  it also came.

These were all things we heard abt when we were growing up that it will come to us one day and they all happened in our lives. The next thing we have been told about is DEATH and it is surely with us. Let's have a sober reflection about our lives and prepare, for one day your name , my name will be mentioned as no more.

 Let's heed to our maker, the good lord's word as Bishop Fabin has shared this morning. Give a thought to it. Search deep into it. God will speak to your heart. Christ said if we seek him , we will find him. As we learnt every other thing in our education , so let us learn about him ,for he will show us he is real and alive. This is an admonishment to my humble friends this morning as we grief over the death of Jewoli as i call him.

RIP Bro Jewo.

Ekow Gyan…..

Agoo, from Jewo's auntie, his autopsy is being done today to determine the cause of death. It appears he had a chronic ulcer that had kept him in and out of the hospital for months. The Abusuafo are meeting today to hash things out.

The immediate families desire is for the one week celebration to held at Pokuasi, where he lived(Accra)... She will get back to me when the arrangements are finalized.
 The children are currently with his neighbor,  Armstrong, a childhood friend as well. 5 kids in all, he recently had little one. Oldest is 13yrs.

[5:14AM, 3/27/2016] Blackyy: Unfortunately your Mate Emmanuel Cudjoe (Jewo) passed on Good Friday at the Korle-Bu Hospital. My Sympathies to 86' Year Group.
[5:15AM, 3/27/2016] Peeboat: What!!!
[5:15AM, 3/27/2016] Blackyy: Just got this from Armstrong
[5:16AM, 3/27/2016] Blackyy: Yeah
[5:16AM, 3/27/2016] Peeboat: Oh No!!!
[5:16AM, 3/27/2016] Theo Aggrey: Oh dear me
[ [5:16AM, 3/27/2016] Theo Aggrey: What happened
[5:19AM, 3/27/2016] Dr.Torpey: What? Jewooo?
[5:20AM, 3/27/2016] Tony Anyimo: Oh. What happened?
[5:21AM, 3/27/2016] Peeboat: This is devastating news.
[5:21AM, 3/27/2016] Seth Offei: What…  jewellery?
[5:28AM, 3/27/2016] Bob Owusu: Not the best of news to hear.
RIP Jewoo.
[6:23AM, 3/27/2016] Dela: Huh?
[6:32AM, 3/27/2016] Dela: Certainly not the best news  to hear
[6:34AM, 3/27/2016] Enoch Yankey: What a shock
[6:59AM, 3/27/2016] Ray Miller: Damirifa Dué, Jeho!
[6:59AM, 3/27/2016] Ray Miller: Which one too be that?

[7:05AM, 3/27/2016] Bernard Williams( Joe Wassa): Good day brethren, and happy Easter to all.Very sad news coming in this morning.RlP Jewo,

[7:10AM, 3/27/2016] Mike Arthur: Shocking news brethren . I'm so sadden to hear about the lost of our brother and friend  Jewo,my  brilliant and heartwarming TC~brethren..My condolences to his family. what????

[7:16AM, 3/27/2016] Bernard Williams( Joe Wassa): I recall 30 years ago, Jewo, Bytm, Monney, Quarterr, Emens,Yoofi,myself and others were admitted to Aggrey as fresh lower sixth formers.  We  were so united . As a sportsman, Jewo did long jump with me and often times played football. Oh my punk bro, RIP. Am really sad this morning.

[7:51AM, 3/27/2016]Seth Offei: Still in s shock  brothers ....l called  on whatsup  and had a laugh ........years  back l called him when he lost his wife..he has been single dad combining work and parenting thoughts are with the children

[7:51AM, 3/27/2016] ?Seth Offei: RIP Jewellery
[8:35AM, 3/27/2016] Enoch Yankey: What's Jewo's full name
[8:35AM, 3/27/2016] Theo Aggrey: Emmanuel cudjoe
[8:39AM, 3/27/2016] Bernard Williams( Joe Wassa): Po sup?
Jewo's elder brother, Capt Cudjoe, was the former CEO of Sekondi-Takoradi metro assembly.
[9:03AM, 3/27/2016] Theo Aggrey: Wassa . Sad news. Sad stuff

[9:07AM, 3/27/2016] Bernard Williams( Joe Wassa): Too bad bro, my the soul of our bro rest in peace.
One person who could have given us a lot of insight is Wayoe but unfortunately he left this platform some months ago.

[9:012AM, 3/27/2016] Dr.Eliason: Life o Life. I am really sadden by this.Jewo rest in peace.

[9:22AM, 3/27/2016] Bernard Williams( Joe Wassa): Brethren l just spoke to Agartha Hammond, he promised visiting Jewo's mother this afternoon at Kojokrom, Sekondi, and will feed me back on the way forward.

[9:37AM, 3/27/2016] Boakye1: Oh no. Just saw Jewo on my last visit to Ghana in 2014. This is very sad. May his soul RIP.

10:21AM, 3/27/2016] Francis Gorshey: Just spoke to Yoofi. Jewo had been very ill for a while now. He's going to call back asap  as he just got back from church. I'll try to pass any necessary information here.

[10:23AM, 3/27/2016] ?+Akwasi Marfio: Omg
[10:23AM, 3/27/2016] ?+Akwasi Marfio: Jewo RIPP bro
[10:24AM, 3/27/2016] ?+Akwasi Marfio: Sad news
[10:40AM, 3/27/2016] Enoch Yankey: Oh Jewo, rest in perfect

[11:12AM, 3/27/2016] Amofa-Appiah: Brethren I can't belief this? Spoke to him on his promise to the Sch Bus issue and promise to revert cos he is not well. Was thinking to meet him anytime after Easter so we will discuss issues concerning the yr group. He is one of our financiers and very committed brother. May His soul and souls of all Departed brethren rest in perfect peace.

[11:12AM, 3/27/2016] Amofa-Appiah: Ooooooh my rear who is going to take care of his kids as the wife passed few yrs ago. Oooooo Jewo May u rest in peace. Our Heavenly Father grant u favour to enjoy eternity.

[11:14AM, 3/27/2016] Amofa-Appiah: Plse what happened?
[11:29AM, 3/27/2016] Enoch Yankey: My eyes are wet with tears
[11:43AM, 3/27/2016] Tony Anyimo: Rest in peace Jewoo.  Very sad indeed. Wo ne Nyame nko.

[12:22PM, 3/27/2016] Slow J: Really sad news. I can't seem to remember him but may he rest in peace. What hall was he

[12:37PM, 3/27/2016] Raspa: Sad news I remember him, very tall guy, may his soul rest in peace

[1:06PM, 3/27/2016] Frazier AYIsem Kweku: Sad news indeed . May his soul rest in perfect peace.
[1:08PM, 3/27/2016] Frazier AYIsem Kweku: Cudjoe was a science student , and was in either John's or Joseph's house.
[1:12PM, 3/27/2016] Enoch Yankey: He was in John's
[1:17PM, 3/27/2016] Frazier AYIsem Kweku: He was my buddy from the twins city ( Skdi -Tadi). Haven't heard from him since we completed augusco but was asking his where about from Agatha just last week when saw him in the town

[1:19PM, 3/27/2016] Bernard Williams( Joe Wassa): Back in sixth form , he read maths, physics and geography

[1:19PM, 3/27/2016] Frazier AYIsem Kweku: Thanks @Enoch
[1:21PM, 3/27/2016] KKumah: May he and his find favour with the most high....
[2:35PM, 3/27/2016] ?Akwasi Marfio: So so warm at heart bro
[2:35PM, 3/27/2016] ? Akwasi Marfio: Hmmm
[2:35PM, 3/27/2016] Akwasi Marfio: His kids
[2:35PM, 3/27/2016] Dela: Oh chale
[2:35PM, 3/27/2016] ? Akwasi Marfio: Very young you know
[2:40PM, 3/27/2016] KKumah: Well said Dela
[2:41PM, 3/27/2016] Dela: Yes Rich...togetherness  is all we want
[2:50PM, 3/27/2016] Frazier AYIsem Kweku: So let be keeper of one another
[2:50PM, 3/27/2016] Frazier AYIsem Kweku: Keepers **
[3:02PM, 3/27/2016] Francis Gorshey: Good time for reflection. The passing of one of us and the resurrection of Christ. The backbiting committee ????
[3:28PM, 3/27/2016] Peeboat: Koo Nsiah. Jewoo was truly a Brother. He wil2:35PM, 3/27/2016] ?+233 20 222 9955: So so warm at heart bro

 [4:09PM, 3/27/2016] Joedee: Went with my wife to his place earlier today. Its, a shock but God knows best! Hope some Ghanaian angel will take charge of the kids and care for them. Was busted in Tadi so.lost all phones plus some. Christ asorr. Ma sorrr o!
[4:20PM, 3/27/2016] Blackyy: Word

[11:58AM, 3/28/2016] Slow J: The best we can do for the kids is to understand their school situation, what arrangements is currently in place and then we make a commitment for the education of at least the first child. Do you know where they go to school?
[12:01PM, 3/28/2016] Slow J: I am also imagining an APSU 86 scholarship fund  and our first beneficiary being JEWOs son!

[12:05PM, 3/28/2016] ?Dr.Eliason: Surely on point Joe

[1:01PM, 3/28/2016] Francis Gorshey: This is very touching.

[1:10PM, 3/28/2016] ?Bob Owusu: On point Slo
                                     May You Rest in Eternal Peace bro!

                                        Much_Love@APSU*86 Family.
                                                 We'll Miss You.

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From Samuel Hutchful on May 6th, 2016
Wow, all too soon we gather to bid you farewell Breda Jewo,you wore an infectious smile and had a beautiful Soul. Have a safe journey back to Godhead!
From Nana Breda-Uncle PaaKofi Papolee I~Moree. on May 6th, 2016
<span style="&quot;font-family:comic" sans="" ms,cursive;"="">

Jewo,My TwinCity Breda,We'll miss you dearly.

You departed us very young,but your memories lives on in our hearts. Your intellect,resolve,meticulous,kindness and loving character will always be with us.This is  how your APSU*86 family remembers you!

May Nyame,Nyankopon,Odomankoma,and ALL your Nananom welcome you to their peaceful bossom.

Damirifa Due... So~Long bro.

From Michael Boakye {MKB} on May 6th, 2016
Image RIP my brother.

Samuel Hutchful (Black)

You run s good race,you were such a beautiful Soul.Safe Journey to Eternity till we meet Again .Ciao!!!



Theo Aggrey

Emmanuel cudjoe alias jewo always stood out amongst his peers without actually been obvious. The only physically obvious feature was his lanky frame . He stood out because he was kind, gentle ,respectful ,and wise beyond his tender years - attributes that most of us did not possess then. However, people with thes attributes usually keep to themselves ,but not Jewo. From dorm A in St. John's house to rooming together in St. John's annex when we were big boys , he joined in the banter ,the teasing, the football debates (eleven wise ) ,yet he still maintained the aura of respectability around him . In the midst of testosterone charged madness in forms 2e and 3e he maintained his calm . After all this is the main who got his nickname from jewellery. He was a shining light. May his soul continue to shine brightly amongst the lights on the pathway to his creator.



From Enoch Yankey on May 6th, 2016
When the day of life is done When the race of life is run Father grant thy wearied one Rest forever more We the members of Apsu 86 mourn the sad departure of our brother Jewo, he was truly a valued and standing member of our group, things have not been the same since the passing of our brother, Jewo your absence is greatly felt, there was never a dull moment with you, there was always something to talk and joke about, we really miss you, Jewo we love you but God loves you best, Adieu my beloved friend Sleep tight in the bossom of our Lord, where we will meet again and part no more May God continue to love, guide and protect your children whom you have left behind.