Notice Board
Notice Board
How about giving  this  Notice Board a facelift with --

--A Nice stone/marble/ or tile finishes to the whole structure,New roofing with new painting

--Resurface floor with pavers and flower beds with flowers in Apsu colors and solar landscape lights.

--Replace the board with a new one and a nicer glass door and solar lighting.

--Solor  powered LED Lights

--Solar(prefered) powered Electronic News and Message board
--Dedicate it to Mr.Luke Gyasi-Appiah with a Plaque with his Picture.

--Add a second Plaque dedicated to ALL APSU*86 Year group with special thanks and Names of ALL who believed the dream,supported,contributed,and volunteer in any way to this Historic and Noble effort.

What do you think my Registered Brethren?

--Won't also break the bank!

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